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Strenghting your Body-Mind-Spirit connection cannot only increase your physical, emotional and mental health, but also allow you to feel your True Self. Authenicity and a strong sense of Self is the foundation for a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

Learn about your inner power to enter, navigate and master this deeper inner connection.

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Understanding yourself as soulful being allows for the deeper understanding of yourself and your future.

When you better undertsand yourself, you no longer need to seek or question yourself.

transCODES offers a variety of mindfulness tools and energy based mindfulness techniques to assist your self-paced growth and self discovery.

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transCODES work assists individuals and businesses desiring to explore and grow their Future Potential through increasing their inner truth, integrity, empathy, freedom through authentic body-mind-spirit connection.

Learn how energy awareness and inner heart-connection can help you to tap into your Future Potential.

Energy Awareness Training

Want to increase and integrate Mindfulness & Energy Awareness in your Business or for your employees?

Hire a Body-Mind-Energy Coach

Want to integrate Energy Awareness into your existing profession? Want to learn Energy Healing? Want to develop your very own Modality?

Energy Healer Certifications

Is this for me?

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with developing a self-discovery roadmap into your future with higher potential.

This is a complementary energy consultation session.

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Heart Clearing

9th March 2021 @11am (EST)

Energy Self-Healing transMISSON with Forum Coaching

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APRIL 2021 Energetic Tune-Up

27th March 2021 @4pm - Live Remote Energy Clearing & Reading Session with following live webinar

includes personal reading for April 2021

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About us

transCODES Energy Healing & Training was founded by Jona Bryndis in 2011 as platform for individual and community coaching mainly serving energetically sensitives and empaths. Within a decade transCODES developed a strong international online community and created many training and coaching tools and programs that can assist individuals and businesses to evolve their outlook on life from simply succeeeding into a more meaningful and fulfilling expression of their individual potential.

transCODES work focuses on facilitating the inner experience of self-healing and self-discovery for anyone desiring to explore and grow their Future Potential through increasing their authenticity, integrity, empathy, and freedom through systematically training mind-body-energy connection :

- Personal and Business Energy Coaching

- Individual or Group remote energy sessions

- Remote Energy Clearings

- Seminars and Training Programs

- Self-Training Courses in Energy Work

- Online Meditation

- Community Focused Education

- Professional Energy Healer Trainings

transCODES objective is to assist individuals and businesses in their holistic journey of self-mastery and self-healing on all levels through online education, transformational coaching and training courses.

Our work promotes consciousness development and empathy strengthening social skills, including self-aware communication by accessing inner self-healing and visioning abilities. The systematic inner connection training offered utilizes mindfulness, energy work, energy therapy, coaching, and psychoeducation.

transCODES is non-demoniational and not part of any mystic schools, spiritual groups, organizations or teachers.

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