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Self-Healing Community

Sacred Self-Healing Interactive Journey

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This comprehensive 24 Step Self-Healing Experience is a combination of our latest energy work modalities with consciousness development and recovery material. The heart-centered and non-religious approach gently guides the participant through an amazing one year long self-healing journey. It facilitates inner heart-connection on multiple levels of our energy system, and thus activates your innate spiritual intelligence.


The course is suitable for recovery work and highly recommended for anyone who wants to work with the deeper aspects of Ego, Shadow, Karma, Inner Divinity and True Self.  It shares hands-on energy work techniques, workbook & exercises and teaches how to read and direct inner energies and includes clearing, connecting and integrating modalities.


"The transCODES Sacred Self Healing Program has far surpassed anything I could have possibly imagined or hoped for in my self healing journey.  It has gone from knowing the path to walking the path... FULL ON!  The experiences I am having through this course have not only been life changing, most importantly... LIFE GIVING. Through the steps I am learning who I truly am and connecting to that most sacred part of me and in turn healing at the deepest levels.


Jeff, Jona and the entire transCODES team are experienced, genuine and solid.The real deal.  Anyone interested in self healing you have found the right place.


It's the greatest gift anyone can give themselves.  I am eternally grateful for

TransCodes and the Sacred Self Healing Program. "



"The Course has gifted me with a new clarity, peace and prospective...I am lighter and more alive.  grateful and excited for the tools to emerge from the inside out...this revolutionary path is exceeding all expectations...I am in awe. "



Your True Self is the expression of your Inner Divinity and your heart is the gateway to your True Self – your path to reclaim your Inner Higher Power to heal and thrive!


Step Sample

The sacred self-training program was developed in a cooperation between transCODES and selfunification.com. The guided energy work sessions are spoken by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper.


The course guides you through the latest clearing, connecting and integrating modalities in energy work, designed for you to self-train at home. For exchange, questions and discussions we offer a private forum and regular online meetings.


The 24 Steps are shipped roughly on the 1st and 16th of the month over the course of one year. The 200+ workbook pages contain a script with exercises, further psycho-educational material, as well as guidance as to how to work each Step. Lessons come with additional training videos and community discussions in our Self Healing Forum


Each Step consists of a specifically coded Guided Meditation Process and pdf workbook pages.






















                                With this 1-Year Self-Training Course you will deepen your ability to:


                                - Connect with your Heart

                                - Discover your True Self & Inner Divinity

                                - Learn how to identify and overcome too much Thinking & Emotions

                                - Read & Perceive Energies

                                - Differentiate, transform & align to Energy Fields

                                - Reconcile with your Shadow Aspects

                                - Understand Addiction & Recovery

                                - Integrate Karmic Aspects

                                - Heal Inner Child Wounds

                                - Connect With Masculinity & Femininity

                                - Clear Blockages preventing your Manifestations

                                - Transcend inner Programs & Patterns

                                - Prevent Energetic Absorption & Attacks

                                - Feel and direct Inner Self-Healing Energies

                                - Apply Energy Work into your Daily Life

                                - Deal with Energetic Sensitivity

                                - Deal with Addiction Issues

                                - Learn advanced Phsychic Defense Techniques





Payment Options:

$39 monthly/12 installments ($19.50 per Step)

or $399 one-time payment as Package ($16.62 per Step)

By choosing the $39 monthly Installment Plan you are agreeing to pay for the full package (12 months).


For deeper work on inner aspects discovered in your self-study it is recommended to participate in the according transMISSION. Some transMISSIONS are discounted for Sacred Self-Healing participants (check SELF-HEALING TOOLS). The Sacred Self-Healing Program does not replace clearing or transMISSION work, but allows you to discover your inner aspects at your own pace.


Enjoy your self-healing journey!






New Additional Energy Training Tools


(Discounted for Sacred Self-Healing Community Members)


Interesting for those of you who want to deepen their Self-Healing Work through Energy Sessions. 30 Day unlimited participation in all transMISSIONS, Marathons, Workshops & Energetic Adjustment Session.


- 2 Steps per month (download shipment)


- 250+ Workbook pages incl. practical exercises


- Daily Meditations (20-30  minutes)


- Personal Coaching in Self-Healing Forum

- transMISSION Discounts


- FREE Online Meetings


- Discounted Coaching Program


- Training Buddy Program


- Training Webinar Recordings









(all times in Eastern US EST Time Zone)


11/14/20 @3PM (EST)- HOW TO TRUST Workshop

11/21/20 @3PM (EST) - n|spirience Training

11/29/20 @6PM (EST) - DECEMBER 2020 Energies

Free for All

STEP 1 - Sacred Heart

Self-Healing Forum Access
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1 Hour Online Meditation & Connecting Circle

Skype live (with or without video)



Online Meditation Circle


"I didn't know how disconnected I was until I learned what it feels like to be in my heart. Thank you Jona & Jeff for your gentle and loving guidance! "



"After running from workshop to workshop for two decades I finally learned how to get out of my mind and into my heart. The daily meditations are very intense. I needed this intensity to break through me standing in my own way! Today I can laugh about it and recommend anybody who wants to live a more conscious life!"


O., UK

"I was looking for something that could help me with my codependency. What really made a difference for me is the healing space that Jona & Jeff create in the online trainings and workshops. For the first time I didn't feel alone any more! Thank you to all other members!


G., US

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